An error in the calculation of compensation for aUST on my wallet

I have staked 16200 UST on Anchor, or about 12900 aUST.

The compensation plan assumed the aUST rate to the new LUNA ratio of 1:0.033

In my case 12900*0,033=425,7 new LUNA

Due to vesting plan 30% on the first day I supposed to get 0,3*425,7=127.71

In my wallet I have got 71 LUNA on the first day and compensation plan for more 165 LUNA^ which are 236 LUNA.

236 LUNA are smaller than 425.7 LUNA

Have I made a mistake in calculation or is it mistake of Terra?

If it is mistake of Terra, how can I get equal compensation?

Hi, the airdrop is correct. The ratio is 1:0.01827712143.

Thank you for your answer.

You mean, I have bought ust for 1 usd and I get 1:0.01827712143
and someone who have bought ust for 0,10 usd and they have got more on the second snapshot?

Yep, the same way I bought Luna at $16 and get nothing.

According to the airdrop calculation I’ve received 45% less than I expected. Please help me to claim the full Luna airdrop.

If you send your public wallet address I can explain the calculations to you.