Any Terra Bridge help

Summary Anyway to contact terra bridge or get help for a possible bug, Luna tokens sent to the Luna wormhole instead of my wallet using the terra bridge. Did not enter the Luna wormhole address because I didn’t have it but it sent it there

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It has to go to the wormhole address as part of the process. We need more details to look into this, please provide your terra and bsc or ethereum wallet address.

You may first check if the final step of the process didn’t automate, by going to and connecting your wallet to see if it needs to be ‘redeemed’.

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In the portal bridge it says it was redeemed at that wormhole address but not my wallet

Right, well I can’t do anything without your terra/bsc address


Is my terra

Ok, so the address you pasted as the destination is the Luna wormhole contract address on BSC, not your wallet address, so they are lost :frowning:

0x156ab3346823B651294766e23e6Cf87254d68962 is the address it went to (can be seen in the memo of the transaction on terra finder)

You must have accidentally copied and pasted the contract address from the bridge page itself - see you can copy it from under LUNC there

I don’t know how that would happen, the only address I had was my wallet address. What do I do now :disappointed:

nobody controls that address so it is gone sadly :frowning:

Thank you for your help, that sucks but I appreciate you

Also trying to figure out where my transaction went. Did 2 test runs of 100 and 130 luna classic coins from terra station to metamask but coins never arrived using shuttle. Metamask said it’s Terra issue since everything was right.



Both transaction Ids

All help appreciated. Trying to figure out how to move coins from terra station.

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hey, the bridge only works for transactions over $1.

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I have the same issue. All my LUNC coins just disappeared? Will they be returned or just gone?

You should have your old tokens in classic network, please change the network and see.

They aren’t in my wallet. I attempted to send them via Shuttle over the weekend. The transaction is there but the coins never arrived to the ETH based address. Maybe the fees were too low and it’s hanging in limbo?

Send your destination wallet address.

Here is the transaction ID: 8E37063C1EFD381D9120FD73F36C6210CBC0EE1A6766655B622E145D5A70D2EE

It never made it to the ETH destination address.

As I previously mentioned, the Shuttle only succeeds for transactions over $1.

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