Terra Bridge Not Forwarding Funds


I sent LUNAC through Terra Bridge on May 30th, tx: 8E37063C1EFD381D9120FD73F36C6210CBC0EE1A6766655B622E145D5A70D2EE

Apparently the holder of the keys to the Terra Bridge still has my tokens but isn’t releasing them to the receiving address because the value of the tokens is less than $1. Though this may seem like a trivial amount, it’s significant to me because I need to sell the tokens in order to realize the loss for tax purposes - which is a significant amount of money. Is it possible to honor my transaction?

I originally posted on this thread but it has been closed, perhaps because the moderator didn’t have enough information to understand the implications. Any Terra Bridge help - #18 by rosanne89

Hey, it will not gone through because the value has been less than 1$. So not possible.

It’s not possible, we don’t hold keys to the bridge. For me personally, to realise a tax loss, I just bought some thousands of luna last week at the low price, and straight away sold them. If using the first-in-first-out method for capital gains tax, that sale will count as the initial Luna you held.

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