Are we just excluded from these plans if we sold UST?

What about us that sold UST at a big loss because there was absolutely no communication from the Terra team? We were just supposed to hold UST while we saw our savings drop? Will we not be made whole in these recovery plans?

Any sane person would have sold UST when they saw Luna being completely inflated. Let’s not leave out those who made the most reasonable decision of getting out while UST was still worth at least something…

I still lost a lot of money even though I sold, so why should I be excluded?

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refunds to $UST holders should be pre-attack snapshot according to the Tiered Repayment Proposal imo

Yeah, I don’t know the right way to handle this, but if they did do something that’s based on your invested value, perhaps a delta between the “reimbursement” amount and what you sold? :man_shrugging:

I’m still keeping my UST in AP and am waiting for guidance. But I just noticed that UST is nearing the peg again, somehow. Currently reading up on this to find out what’s going on.

from the proposal you will have to buy back from the market so as to redeem. Anyway forget abut that proposal because their is no enough money to do that