Ask LGF to burn their classic assets

The plan is asking LGF to Burn the assets in this wallet.

Luna: 222,713,101
USTC: 1,847,079,782

This would reduce the supply of USTC by 20% a Little on Luna, also with the seniorage 10% of this funds would end up in COmmunity pool and could be sent to ED grants.

So if we vote yes we ask LGF to burn all their assets and this way both reduce our debt in ustc and luna and also help the comunity pool.
This could be a huge catalist to growth and repeg of the USTC.

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Is strange to me that no one thinks that would be a good idea and a great step in the right direction if Luna Guard Foundation, Burns all its assets after what happened.
This would solve the problem of funding the community pool and Ed Grants and also would reduce our USTC debt to pay 1.6 Billion USD.

And it’s only fair after what happen to LUNA 1.0.

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Agree. But TFL wallets plus oracle ustc (we can burn it now) its ~49% of all ustc (not only 1,85).

Validators said they won’t vote until TR support. We are back to dictatorship again.

And also, I propose to block CEX wallets and burn trillions, we will all get rich at once - it’s joke.
Stop thinking like amateurs and wishing for the unattainable. The Lunc needs leadership, experienced and competent. Which, in addition to everything, can collapse the token by selling a trillion, only 1 trillion

Seems that no one cares much about ust and lunc in those wallets. LFG doesn’t want to do it and classic community is not ready to force them to do that.

One idea would be to blacklist those funds and somehow find a way to burn those funds (brutforce?). So I guess TR would need to write a code and validators would vote on proposal about burning those funds.

Not sure if that is possible but TR and community can at least try.

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The problem is we can’t repeg USTC without addressing all USTC that LGF has…

what you want to do with like this address - Terra Finder

that adress buy lunc with price 0.0001 on this adress chage
it on astroport to ustc Terra Finder

when you speak about repeg you must think about who pay them?

I agree we need find some one to pay for the repeg but is much easier if if the amount to pay is less :slight_smile: