Ask the banks for a refund of the 2008 crash

Lol you guys realise how dumb it is to ask for a refund on an investment? Its gone dude, accept.

Even if a “snapshot” is restored, it doesn’t restore the value, nor a new chain xd


You are right, let’s face it, no institution is going to give away dollars to loss-making investors.
Even if you get the so-called indemnity, it won’t offset your loss, :wink:

A market crash happens naturally, I wouldn’t label this whole thing as because of “market crash”. It’s been exploited, there have been loopholes, and many moves by the team that fucked us. I would trace a clear difference line here. Thank you.

No one is going to want to be associated with this legal toxic waste dump. Think about how bad the U.S. justice department is going to look at taking down Do Kwon and his enablers for this house of cards.

I suggest some wealthy people who were suckered by this clown to seek some legal representation to set the ball rolling. Might want to sick some lawyers on Noah Axler and Larry Florio, respectively Terra’s Chief Litigation and Regulatory Counsel; and Chief Corporate Counsel. They have some major questions to answer.