BLUNA rewards in BLUNA/LUNA pool


Anybody know who gets the staking rewards for the BLUNA in the BLUNA/LUNA pool on terraswap?

They are not used as collateral hense not given to lenders on anchor, and LPs own part of the BLUNA in the pool. Just curious if the validators gets them or the pool?
Becasue they are not getting stacked in anchor.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Withdraw your liquidity and claim the rewards related to your bLunas here:

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Thanks for the reply!

No rewards to claim. The rewards only builds up when I hold BLUNA in the wallet. Nothing builds while it`s in the pool.


I assume that it is the contract address that gets to claim the bLuna rewards. Whoever holds the private keys to the contract address can claim the ust.

I think the UST rewards may be frozen forever unfortunately.
It would be this address terra1jxazgm67et0ce260kvrpfv50acuushpjsz2y0p

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Thanks chief! Yeah, that makes sense

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