Brainstorm to maximize the adoption of UST

Although there are many things that can be done to promote the usage of UST, I think the most effective way is to gain some definitive edge so that the holders of USDT or USDC will voluntarily swap their coins to UST. How can this be done?

Let’s examine the most common use of USDT: trading. Without doubt, a large percentage of USDT is used for trading. I know a guy holds 3 billion USDT in binance just to trade futures. And this guy is absolutely not the only one. So, is it possible to make these guys voluntarily transfer their USDT to UST?

Now, it seems impossible. There’s no DEX that can challenge the authority of binance now. All the liquidity flows into binance and traders love liquidity. Who wants to trade in a place where it’s hard to trade millions when one can trade billions easily in binance futures using USDT? What’s the way out? Is there anything we can do to gain some edge?

Better DEX? Transaction costs deduction? Liquidity integration? Anchor used as an additional service? Let’s brainstorm and see whether there’s any way out.


When UST have a real world use case, people will start to ditch USDT.

The main selling point of USDT is that it has a lot of trading pair and the highest liquidity (although USDC is catching up). If let’s say you can use UST for daily payments, even if USDT dominates the exchanges as of now, people will still convert their USDT to UST so they can use the money.

It will take a long time to totally replace USDT, but it will happen.


Development of real world use cases is promising. I can visualize the beauty of international payment without intermediaries and the ultimate decentralization of the real world. Thanks for replying.

As investors and traders consist of a large percentage of crypto participants right now, I maintain it’s important to make UST attractive for investors and traders. While the APY of Anchor may seem charming, the Mirror can hardly meet the needs for traders and investors because of the huge bid/ask spreads and tiny liquidity.

I advise on the creation of perpetual swap contracts for UST. By doing this, UST will immediately become attractive for traders. When there’s no opportunity, traders can put UST in Anchor to earn the 20% yield. When there’s opportunity, they can immediately withdraw deposit and trade. In this way, the utility of the capital is maximized and the 20% APY of Anchor is a definite edge.

I think it might be better off not to focus on USDT as a coin bc it is really a stable coin used by traders of the old financial system. I don’t think they will want to come and use UST as long as the current system is working.
Secondly, from my first year of engaging with terra, I see that really the strong pair is ust-luna and many other Terra project are often lacking liquidity or other things to push them to be serious competitors of DEX or CEX or other defi projects. some of those are excellent perhaps all of them have their place in the days to come. I love Nexus, Spectrum, Anchor, Astro to name only a few but they are still specialised to Terra hence the limitations we see.
Perhaps I am not putting this very well, what I think is this:
a) focus on building it for the masses but don’t worry about them
b) USDT and C will come to UST when their system breaks and the main reason for defi is because it is broken already but still usable by the big institutions. Look at china who seems to do everything “right” to undermine its own manufacturing monopoly. Wait for FEDs ,SEc to do just the same and they will.
I really think this will happen sooner than we expect and I am not sure Terra could cope with a 10x or `100x on UST.

c) at this stage getting UST- and Luna- pairs on as many exchanges as paramount, I think someone already mentioned this. utility is the name of the game.

anyway, some of what I said is probably not very well put the focus should be put on to build something new, ready when the other collapses or regulation stiffle it.
last but not least, not being big isn’t a bad thing at all, as this stage. if we were bigger than USDT we would have a lot more heat on us.

Innovation is good but innovation without consideration of the real needs is useless. For example, Terra stablecoin is a superb innovation that truly reinvented the stablecoin but innovations like AMM and LP mining seem useless because this kind of paradigm has no edge over traditional order-driven markets. AMM is essentially a kind of quote-driven market, which has proven to be useless. No rational trader will trade in AMM when they have traditional order driven markets in centered exchanges. So AMM and LP are not the way out for DEX. We have to discard the rubbish and create something new that can truly meet the needs of traders and investors.

One way to increase adoption is via payments for merchants/ small businesses. No one would use PayPal or Stripe if they were offered a choice and Kash is working on such a wallet. In parallel,I’m rather sure that the powers to be will regulate USDC and USDT and that will automatically result in more adoption of DAI and UST

Build the ecosystem and the incentives for investors, and the traders will come.

Traders follow strength, and more will come as LUNA continues to climb mcap and investors don’t sell early.

USDT will likely stay as derivative collateral, but we can focus on developing the ecosystem of tools (privacy, real world payments, savings, etc) and ppl will just treat the UST as their bank account as luna grows and grows

Time to end the topic. I think promotion of Terra stablecoins shouldn’t be just regarded as a commercial issue. It should provoke a complete revolution in society so that no division of any kind appears. However, outward decentralization has really little meaning if everybody is completely centered inwardly. So the revolution starts from understanding the ego, which is the inward center. It’s probably the most marvelous thing that one is completely free from the ego, meaning one is totally decentralized inwardly.

One way for UST to win, it’s to become the dominant stable coin of ATOM ecosystem.

UST it’s already the predominant stable coin on Osmosis, biggest dex on Cosmos.

Osmosis need to become the bigger DEX in crypto, bigger than Uniswap, PancakeSWAP and the rest!
This way, UST adoption will increase by usage!

I think the Cosmos ecosystem and IBC will eventually lead to the growth of UST ! So, Terra and Cosmos ecosystems need to work together and make this happen…just an opinion!

Trust me, I believe in the LUNA-UST pair and the ethos of decentralization, especially given all the craziness in the world.

I think crypto and LUNA can be central to the upcoming “parallel structure/polis” that will develop as more people lose faith in centralized institutions and look for trustworthy alternative ways to store their capital/wealth.

That said, traders follow strength, and crazy gains will be made once more traders recognize how strong the LUNA community is thanks to our conviction.

Not sure what you’re philosophizing about–financial freedom and greater UST adoption is very related to commercial activity. LUNA will win bc its trying to solve the core question: “how do I use this coin to make payments IRL?”

Anyway, Peace amigo

One way to increase the UST adoption it’s we need to figure out how we can make UST the standard stable coin for Cosmos ecosystem, osmosis dex!
We need more mobile wallets and exchanges to integrate UST.

Adoption is too broad of a goal to think about meaningfully.

Real-world adoption
Competition: PayPal, Venmo, Transferwise, Western Union, Moonpay
USP: Financial Access
Users do not care about crypto, decentralization, or algo vs. collateralized. If friction or cost is too high, they will stay with a centralized service. Many countries with high interest from citizens will have unfriendly governments. What’s our stance to regulators?

Crypto Adoption
Competition: BTC, L1 coins, centralized stable coins
USP: Stability, Liquidity
Users here are want a safe hedge from market volatility. How else can we minimize depegging risk? Are incentives to build on Terra stablecoins stronger than that of copying them? There should be UST in as many trading pairs, bridges, treasuries, and lending protocols as possible.

It’s unlikely real-world adoption will/can move as quickly as defi, but progress there makes crypto adoption significantly easier.

Thx for replying. I think inward freedom is much more important than financial freedom. Decentralization of the psyche is much more important than decentralization of economy.


Yeah, really sophisticated. Let’s see whether Terra can withstand the test of time.

I partly agree. At this point, what Terra needs to drive adoption is ( besides all this echo chambering which is hardly more than rehypothecation):

  1. A platform similar to Ebay where you can buy from plane tickets to hifi and Converse with UST;
  2. An escrow platform for SMALL BUSINESSES where clients can pay via UST, besides traditional euro/ dollar. Imagine if you incentivize business owners with 10 % yield per year plus 0.5 & fees on transactions. You know how much PayPal charges ?
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