Bring UST to the XRPL?

I know Ripple doesn’t have a positive image in much of the crypto community, but I first got involved with the XRPL in 2014. Regardless of what you think of Ripple the company, the ledger itself has a lot of goals in common with Terra. It exists primarily for payments, it aims to give anyone with an account full access to as much of the functionality of the ledger as possible, and it has a built-in DEX at it’s core (possibly the first DEX in crypto). I was earning daily XRP interest back in 2014 before DeFi was even a thing - my experience on Terra reminds me a lot of those early days on the XRPL where it was all about the community coming up with creative uses for the network.

XRP is a top-10 currency and there’s not really a great stablecoin on the XRPL. Bitstamp and Gatehub issue USD, but they basically do so as an add-on service to their exchange customers. They’re not highly-trusted currencies. It’s very hard for Americans to trade XRP right now and UST would give them a way to move value between the XRPL and Terra.

I don’t have the technical chops to help with this, but if there’s interest from the Terra side I may have enough connections to find someone who’d be willing to help from the XRPL side.