BTC.Secure - Highly secure and stable validator with 100% SLA (guarantee of rewards)

Hi Terrans :wave:

I’m glad to be here introducing BTC.Secure, a genesis validator of Terra.

BTC.Secure is the highly secure and stable staking provider with 100% SLA guarantee of validation stability by BTC.Secure Inc., a U.S. based corporation.

BTC.Secure in the Terra Station


First of all, take a look at a few facts, and then you will learn more about our team.

7 reasons to choose the BTC.Secure for LUNA delegation

  1. :rocket: We have been successfully validating Terra since the genesis (since April 24, 2019, for at least 2 years and 3 months) and always update the validator infrastructure on time. BTC.Secure is never jailed.
  2. :trophy: We invest in high-quality infrastructure because the high reliability and stability of validators are always a priority for us. We have a competent infrastructure setup with dedicated servers for the validator, backup, and sentry nodes, and we also have our own monitoring and notification system for missing block signatures, which gives us the opportunity to keep uptime close to 100% and we are in the list of the best in terms of missed blocks and missed oracle votes among all Terra validators.
  3. :gear: We maintain validators in Terra testnets, which are also reliable and have an uptime as close to 100% as possible. This is important for the Terra team to test new updates and helps to improve the Terra ecosystem.
  4. :ballot_box: We participate in all the votes in Terra and make informed decisions, carefully studying the proposals.
  5. :books: We have created and are developing the knowledge base on the Terra ecosystem — BTC.Secure Learn in English & Russian.
  6. :handshake: We are confident in the quality of our service and offer the Staking Services Agreement, according to which we guarantee our delegators 100% validation stability in Terra (100% Service Level Agreement).
  7. :us: Our company is located in the United States as a corporation BTC.Secure Inc. and we provide staking services in full compliance with the laws. This is especially important for the global expansion of UST, as well as other stablecoins and projects built on Terra.

Who Are We?

We love new technology and believe that using technology correctly can change the world and make people’s lives better.

For our company the blockchain is that technology. We have been working for over 3 years in the digital finance and assets field. We started with crypto trading activity, where our main principles were security and reliability.

Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency, we started with it and learned how to provide the most stable trading service possible to customers.

That’s how the BTC.Secure brand was born, since Bitcoin is the symbol of the blockchain and everything related to it, you can consider our brand name to mean “Digital currency and assets in good hands”

The goal of BTC.Secure is:

Raise the bar for communication and exchange of valuable assets using blockchain technology.

We create and maintain highly accessible infrastructure for blockchain networks based on Proof-of-Stake technology and now work in the Minter, Terra and IRIS blockchains.

We are legally registered in the United States as BTC.Secure Inc. in the state of Delaware and we act with full compliance with the law, which matters a lot in the crypto industry, where blockchain companies are often in a grey area or don’t exist at all.

We work with the online bank Mercury from San Francisco, which specializes with technological startups and helps us deal with finance in the most efficient way possible to provide our customers with the most reliable staking service possible.

Staking doesn’t imply direct control over customers’ funds, but it does imply that we, as the staking provider, are required to support a 100% functional infrastructure under any amount of pressure in the blockchain. Since it’s our activity that decides how fast and stable the blockchain will work, and consequentially, our customers’ income.

The United States has the most compatible law with the crypto industry, that’s why we, like many of the more successful projects, are located there.

This further emphasizes our high standards:

Reliability and security with no strings attached.


High-performance dedicated servers for the validator, backup, and sentry nodes.

Multiple data centers. Distributed infrastructure in EU, US and Asia.

Separate server racks with limited access to management and encryption of all data at the validator. 24x7 infrastructure control.

Validator have stable uptime of 99.99%+ with proprietary monitoring and security.

Our infrastructure is protected from:

  • Spam transactions
  • DDoS-attacks
  • Hacker attacks
  • Physical access to equipment
  • Electricity outages
  • Internet blackouts or it unstable operation
  • Failure of equipment

Have questions?

You can reach us:
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @BTCSecure

Konstantin Meleshkin, Founder & CEO: Telegram, LinkedIn, Email
Nikolay Popov, COO: Telegram, LinkedIn, Email

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Twitter: @BTCSecure
Telegram: @BTCSecure


Delegate LUNA to BTC.Secure and improve the decentralization and reliability of Terra with us


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