Burned got so hight 1000x soon

So yall worrying about why lunc went down more ,obc its btc dropping get manipulated by feds but keep in mind this is the best thing lunc can have right now !
with the price dropping the burns got 2x and soon with poker app and other projects the burns will go 10x ! you can see the burn system on lunc is working very good right now . Many people are bying lunc at lower price they get more lunc but also more lunc gets burned

Burned Rate Got increased dramatically !
From 64m Lunc daily went up to 400m !

Never Listen to people saying sell your coins . Usually those are scammers are idiots who wanna take down the coin instanlly as well people going on short potitions to drop the price to get more earnings !

everything that is being burned at the moment does not affect, and cannot affect the price of lunc? because it’s zero.
And this happens because the main 70-80-90% of coins are on exchanges and trading is not involved in combustion.
And until we force the exchanges to apply burning from all transactions within the exchange, nothing will change for the better in the lunc kingdom.

I propose to suggest that all exchanges voluntarily remove the MEMO label and create a separate, real address in the lunc blockchain for each account on the exchange, and then all transactions on all exchanges will take place in the lunc blockchain, and all these transactions will be burned by the lunc community tax, and if necessary, the lunc community, after discussion and voting, can to change the amount of tax regardless of whether the exchanges want or do not want it.

if some exchanges do not want to abandon MEMO and voluntarily join the lunc community’s decision, then they want to harm the community and protective measures must be applied to them, block the addresses of these exchanges, and only allow withdrawal so that lunc holders can leave the dissenting exchange and switch to a loyal exchange.
I am sure that this offer dramatically stimulates lunc and ustc and everyone will be happy.

Lol, you’re happy that lunc burning increased because the price is dropping like a rock.

yes !
cause at lower price and same investement pool you burn more and you get more !

So if the market cap goes to 0 and lunc dissapear you’ll be the happiest person in the world. :slight_smile: Interesting strategy…

Bro, you have a strange strategy, you invest in a project whose price is constantly falling, you are averaging all the time, but all the time in the red. And then after a few years you wait for the course to grow so that you get your money back. Where is the meaning?

From what I see volume got increased cause the lower price and the 30m daily now went around 500 per day .if you put the binance who burned 1b per month this might also be 100b per month .we just need to wait and see … People here with projects are doing great

Every coin burnt is money off the market cap needed for increased value.

You burn 500m coins that’s 500m less needed to get higher price. Never underestimate anyone’s burns and everyones burns count.