Burning $luna is confirmed by terra team *official*

check their twitter

they retweeted a terra dev who mentions the burn

$LUNA classic will be deflationary

(1) Terra (UST) :earth_africa: Powered by LUNA :full_moon: (@terra_money) / Twitter


Classic $LUNA will be meme token gold

the architect behind the tokenomics of TERRA is bullish on $LUNC

Slippery Rick on Twitter: “Yeah, I just don’t care about the infertile new $LUNA. I’m gonna get a heavy airdrop, but I’m dump1ng it immediately to stack more $LUNC. $LUNC is fixed supply and noninflationary. The circulating supply of new $LUNA is gonna 15X in 5 years, gross $LUNC FOR LIFE. WHO’S WITH ME?” / Twitter


They will implement burn and remedy proposal to Luna Classic if the revival proposal passes


luna classic (our current coin) will burn lunc

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I think this is most logical way. After the revival of new Terra, burn mechanism by taxes should be implemented to Luna Classic.

Reputation of Terra is very important for both coins. If Terra team are able to rescue Luna Classic, they may regain good reputation and popularity. And thus, it is benefical for both new and old Luna. On the other hand, if Terra choose totally abandoning the Luna Classic, their reputation will still stay bad.

So I think, both revival plan and burn and remedy proposal must be done as soon as possible.


yep! bullish on $LUNC and $UST


Thats a great news…:pray:

Don’t celebrate too early. I chat with Will frequently on Twitter. He’s hasn’t been a Terra dev for a while and his opinion isn’t that of management. V1 has no plan until management is formed.


My losses happened between 8th May to 12th lost all my coins in exchange worth of $1325 and later exchange had de listed LUNA, Let’s us know how to recover that loss. please treat every losses equally.

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Has it been confirmed that they will burn Luna Classic? Please keep us updated.


VOTE NO WITH VETO. Only 34% is needed from ALL voters for avoiding the fork.


People who bought during that time getting absolutely nothing

At least let us unite and fight for our right.

We have not bought when supply was 6.5T. Supply was at 400M to 5B max, and now we are grouping with people of 6.5T supplies.

We will get nothing as we could not hold much coin since price was high at that point

IF people can get back 35% even if they sold we should at least get something back too.

A second shanpshot should be needed before the last halt.


Nobody burn, they increase supply. Stop manipulation ?

05/19/2022 6,533,307,013,765.57

05/18/2022 6,532,766,584,374.63

05/17/2022 6,532,216,141,541.07

05/16/2022 6,531,672,476,100.57

05/15/2022 6,531,125,222,828.44


That should be circulating supply

That is not an increase through mint its just an increase through the sell last days.

But this chain need burn in the future theres no way we came back then. It’s simple math. They maximized it to 6.5T from 330mrd or sth? So the only way to get back value and a good ranking is reduce supply.

Circulating supply is rising not the total supply. When u unstake from a platform it releases those tokens back into circulation supply

Honestly, in order for the new Terra platform to succeed, the team does need to regain the trust of past investors who are gonna be the deciding factor of whether or not this new chain will succeed. New investors aren’t investing because we believe in it, we’re investing because we see a potential to accumulate gains from the current crypto. This is why the team will need to fix what happened before they can potentially gain enough support.

The only way to fix that lost that was caused through maximize supply is to reduce the supply again. If they cant rebuy they need implement a good burn mechanism through fees and that can bring some people back. Also the people who lost much need several support through airdrops and try get then back their money through new capital and new success. But new success this name will only get through burning that we reach a good ranking again and when all the devs and community concentrate on one chain, on one project and not be like we need Luna, we need Luna Classic, we need this or that… all we need is seeing that the Stuff making good and logical plans for the future and that there are consequences for DK. We need a plan how people who lost many money will get back through reducing supply again + other support.

This Will Chen is no longer working or is affiliated with the Terra ecosystem as clearly stated by him on his twitter profile. Nevertheless those are only his personal opinion that does not reflect any of official contrary to what you said. Moreless his hust hinting at a possibility not a certainty.
So there is no “official” burning scheme untile now

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