Buy Back and Burn!

Buy Back and Burn is the only fair solution. We need to save the Terra ecosystem by burning all the excess supply of $LUNA.

As a community, we need to force Do Kwon and his cronies to now do the right thing.


I would suggest this:


This is the only way we get out of this situation. Buy back Luna and Burn.


where did you see that? coinmarketcap shows no change

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Its not. There was never 6.9T of supply.


that I guessed it. The excess coins were due to rapid minting that was never actually bought up.

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Burn and move on , bro


This is exactly what needs to be done. Do Kwon needs to immediately buy back and burn as much LUNA as they have funds to cover.

All this BS about creating a fork is ridiculous. Either Do Kwon figures out a way to fix the ecosystem via burning (which is what’s always been what keeps it under control) - or nobody is ever going to touch another project that his name is associated with.

If he launches a fork - every investor is going to think “this may work, but if it doesn’t, we already know the founder will abandon ship and create a new project instead of trying to save this one.”


I’m afraid you got a problem with your math. OR Messari - Bitcoin & crypto price, news, charts, and research for a nicer UI

Circulating supply as of this post: 6530917821659.9300… something something. To translate that:

Total: 6,530,917,821,659
659 is hundreds
821 is thousands
917 is millions
530 is billions
6 is trillions

So, yes, trillions. There are TRILLIONS of LUNA.


The question is where are those LUNA? For sure it’s not in the exchanges.

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He was saying exactly the same as you did and gave a link where 6.5T is visible.

This is such a simple yet perfect solution that it’s somewhat troubling that LFG and Do Kwon haven’t thought of or embraced this idea.

Who honestly thinks anyone would invest in UST again with no faith or credibility

Burning means lower supply, lower supply means higher price, higher price means new investors, new investors means possibility to finance project evolution, it means higher value…

Trying to rescue terra at the first place is nonsense, the faith wanished already. Luna has future, its brand, was at least. Save Luna first and build new stablecoin (or at least better protocol).


100% right!! ANY restructure will DESTROY the project and the community.

It won’t take that much money at these levels to support it and buyers will follow. But the leaders need to LEAD! Get out and tell the story that LUNA is not going away and buy buy buy. Keep it on the top gainers list on CMC like it is now for a week!

What a turnaround story it would be! Suck it up and recover this, DO is an hero! Restructure in any form, you kill the community and your reputation forever!


And desperately need to do PR to promote the fact it’s in a recovery plan. Without a communication strategy and clear plan, it will not recover as it could.

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Yes, but he said “There was never 6.9T of supply.” Clearly a mistake or he misspoke.

I never said there weren’t Trillions of luna. There are. But not 6.9T. 6.53T yes :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why it needs a burn


Lol, I’m so confused. There weren’t in the past, but there are now… that’s all we care about xD

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They are maybe doing it behind the scene when price is low

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