Call LUNC to Major Exchanges for 1.2% Burn

Yes, friends, I was absent for a long time, I am here again with a small investment…
This past year has proven how right I was. We Luna survivors generated a lot of ideas in our time, but we were not taken into account.

–Please read and support the offer.–

I recommend that you do not believe in non-exchange burn nonsense. Even though everyone knew the right move to make, they sabotaged these views because they would be disabled and not be able to make a profit…

No. We raised taxes just a few days ago.
No more. Stop.

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Welcome back @Detox … think this should be posted in “General” since this post is old… regarding tax, we just implemented a .5% a day ago ( not to be messed with for a while to let it play out ).

Again welcome back to the “Community”.

We need divergence tax for LUNC. Only way.

Lol, major exchanges summoned. If LINC was among top 10, maybe, just maybe. Unfortunately you can check by yourself on marketcap where is lunc. Be happy there are some exchanges supporting lunc.