Call LUNC to Major Exchanges for 1.2% Burn

Purpose: To increase the value of LUNC in the short term.
Method: Simplicity


  1. All LUNC Major exchanges are summoned. The time limit is 1 month.

  2. LUNC is distributed at the same rate as Airdrop by Exchanges. Those who do not comply with the call cannot benefit from this airdrop.

  3. As a tax, 1.2% tax is allocated for each purchase and sale transaction, and it is burned daily (if possible instantaneously).

  4. Only Major exchanges can transfer wallets between them. like 20 addresses to be defined.

  5. When the supply of 10 billion is reached, the wallets are opened.

  6. Afterwards, taxes can be collected from wallets and transactions with the goal of destruction up to 1 billion (or infinite). Like 4080…
    (Various offers have been prepared until this time and can be implemented quickly.)

The aim here is to quickly gain value for LUNC.

Everyone will focus on the x100-x1000 potential return as there will be no confusion.

My prediction is that this process will develop quickly. Free LUNC advertising will be provided and market share will increase substantially.

Without any other kind of burn, LUNC will become worthless and fall off the agenda.

Even if it comes together in 1000 communities and does it in 1000 projects, it cannot give this effect.

Community, developers etc. It will make money while supply decreases from 10 billion to 1 billion. Until they reach 10 billion, they will have produced their ideas and projects. There has been no project for months, you are a witness…

1-Deal with the stock markets (1 week)
2- Announcement and 1 month process start
3-Exchanges will distribute new airdrops (3 days)
4- Stock market opening and burning

Maximum 1.5 months

**Before the airdrop, a burn can be applied for a period of 1 month.


  • Instant trading tracking and control of stock markets.
  • Providing instant LUNC burning of exchanges as much as possible.

Where did this opinion come from?

  • Since there will be imbalances between exchanges, wallets and other platforms, there is a possibility that a healthy taxation cannot be made and it will fail. It will be much healthier and faster to do this burning only in the stock markets. Essential for a LUNC whose value and volume are constantly increasing.

  • 3568 has not been implemented for days. No explanation was given. For 3568 this is a way out.

Please don’t get into empty arguments. Let those who lose also take the $100 LUNC and wait for the process. Your loss will be covered…


Stop fantasizing. Make an automatic burn for any transaction and the price of the token will exceed $1 in 2 years.
Let’s make a simple calculation of burning tokens at a rate of 0.5% per day:
7,000,000,000,000 tokens minus 0.5% burning daily = in a year there will be about 280,000,000,000 tokens

280,000,000,000 tokens minus 0.5% daily burn = about 11,200,000,000 tokens left in a year

11,200,000,000 tokens minus 0.5% daily burn = about 500,000,000 tokens left in a year

As you can see, in just 3 years, with the burning of 0.5% of the tokens, approximately 500,000,000 tokens will remain in circulation. As you understand, when burning 1% of tokens, the same result will be achieved much earlier.
So, after 3 years, there will be about 500,000,000 tokens in circulation - what price can they have? And the price will be much higher than $1.

  • Remember, the Prop:3568 1.2% burn tax for only exchanges. Prop: 4080 %0.5 is valid for non-exchange transfer transactions

  • Do you argue that it will be faster to burn in wallets with 0.5% than 1.2% in stock markets?

  • Do you know about the transaction speed and amounts of addresses?

  • The volume on the exchange will initially be at least 5T luna. Daily burn 120 Billion…

  • I wish they could implement both, but it looks like they won’t. prop:3568&4080(not implemented in both proposals)

  • As I mentioned, some imbalances will arise. This may interfere with the burning process. Those who want to take advantage of it can manipulate LUNC burning. Also, lost parts are mentioned, there are LUNCs that are not used in such matters, it will also prevent them.

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it is difficult to get a response from exchanges as individuals - not something they respond to. Plus, Lunc is seen of DK. Having an organized (legal) approach and via a legal representative can have an affect and get attention from the platforms.

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3568 is not an offer to be implemented without communicating with the exchanges. We need this communication.

Finding a new leader makes me happy too, if anyone can, welcome.

However, my suggestion is to contact a small number of large exchanges and start this burning process in a healthy way as soon as possible.

Problem-free airdrops were distributed on the stocks before, they can do it again quickly and the process begins. Moreover, this time there are no complex formulas 1-1 change.

In this process, leadership, different projects etc. can be discussed freely.

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The idea is to form a team of the Community representatives, that would in the traditional sense take on the ‘leadership roles’.

A decentralized governance would be established, there would be accountability among the members and representatives, an actual structure in place, etc. WACEO would act as a legal representative, we could reach out to the exchanges on behalf of the community, etc.

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Very true

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Entire community need to brainstorm about ideas “To Make Exchanges implement 1.2% Tax”

The noise that we made till now is restricted to social media, Do you guys think if this goes to mainstream media there will be some response from TFL/Binance?

If Yes we need contacts in Mainstream media to publish our story.

Friends, the crypto market is very timid right now, no one knows how it will evolve 2 years from now. Therefore, a timeline should be made and this burning process should be started quickly. The proposal 3568 has passed, there is nothing to argue about, we need to find out how it can be implemented as quickly as possible.

Do Kwon is doing his best to destroy the LUNC. Can’t measures be taken against this and proposals can’t be implemented?

DO KWON is the single biggest problem of the LUNC community.

What he doesn’t understand is that he’s waiting for people to get to LUNA without saving LUNC. No one will trust you and invest in you. You’re going to let hundreds of thousands of people down and wait for them to buy a new LUNA?

In a meaningless competition with LUNC. It is beneficial for him to do this burning, but he cannot see because he does not have a vision…


good points!
If LUNC has a large of fund capital reserves, suppose more than 80,000 BTC will be returned safely. What a joy directly to buyback to burn from the market! but no funding to make it happen! only be done through taxes generated on per transactions, including pay off USTC debt, in the end anchor at 1💲.

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Swiping his backside, Do “Reset” Kwon literally just walked away from the mess he created.

If there is a 2.0, it’s almost a certainty 3.0 etc will come when things go wrong.

It’s wishful thinking on his part that he will have a chance to convince anyone that he has the ability to shoulder responsibility and provide solutions to problems.


Put them under ’ ’ as there is no exact term. It refers to the DAO type of leadership - a decentralized one, having community representatives


not all of them :slight_smile:

am mostly surprised that the L Community is not working on legal actions while they could
USTs organized well, but not Lunas

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Why Do Kwon is the biggest problem?

Have you been following LUNA over the past two months?

yes i do

There hasn’t been a single statement for weeks. He filled his pocket with LUNA and left LUNC not content with leaving, trying to finish LUNC by staying silent. He sees LUNC as a competitor…

I also ask you;
Why didn’t he give any explanation for LUNC or Proposal (he instantly posted his offer:)
Why not implement a simple proposal?
What has he done for the victims so far?


I will agree. I am asking if he is still an obstacle. If yes, in what way? I thought he has no power anymore.

i have do it several times but from great exchanges we havent any update.and we don t know if the team had any contact with them.

When he “one” tweet about LUNC BURN, you will understand his power…