Can new buyers take part in governance?

New buyers want only “burn” to make short term profit. It wont save terra
So no you can t vote

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right, they have as much votes as needed to push everything


Is it clear in which direction the result of the vote will come out or what kind of result will be?

will the users who only held UST be able to vote? if not, the outcome of the vote (imho) is unfortunately obvious, allot of people only held UST cos of the anchor APY, this will be another manipulated voted, will end up that the community will have to take the chain in their own hands (probably just as Do planned)

Interesting? As you can see here we apparently aren’t the only ones who want a burn.

There are people damaging destroying the ecosystem with governance attacks right now. I’m pretty sure that they are not new buyers.

Nice how they are able to prevent the votes of new buyers who so strongly believed in Terra, they threw good money into LUNA when everyone thought it would literally go to zero. It is a compound governance attack.


A fork won’t save Luna either, It’s clear the majority of the holders want a burn, both new and old. This doesn’t seem very decentralized. It seems like TFl and DO are doing what ever they want despite the community not agreeing with this horrible idea. Do you think the people that are against the fork are gonna continue to be Luna investors? Luna is sadly gone if they fork, but if they burn, the community will be here to support it, like they did during the crash.

What I don’t get is that the whole demise(LUNA and UST death spiral) was through the decision made by the very people who are supressing the new luna investors.

Hence, it is illegal for validators to help aid the TFL from doing this by blocking new investors from voting in the governance proposal.

If not, the whole purpose of a LUNA token is a lie. If they did want to make a legal voting session for the pre-death holders, they should not have allowed new minted tokens from being sold/traded.

It’s the TFL and Validators’ decision that caused this problem. They should do things legally or the following NEW token will have legal problems and, obviously, pre-holders won’t benefit from this dilemma.


MUAHAHA!! No Fork, LFG needs to release the 350 million for V1 LUNA BURN!

Kyle_Nope, where did you get this info? If this is true then 2,240,000,000,000 coins would be wiped clean in a snap.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply I’m a new investor. Was just curious about any new investors if they could vote.

There is a reason maybe you should study or watch a blockchain course. You are commenting out of ignorance. New users who have bought thousands of tokens cannot vote or be validators

What new Luna holders will get in Luna V2 (10% bracket example):

Current Cost:Old Luna → New Luna / V2 tokens at Genesis / V2 tokens after full vesting (2-year)

$50:332446 → 4.8 / 0.72 /4.09 / 10.4

$151:1,000,000 → 14.47 / 2.17 / 12.3

$1510:10,000,000 → 144.7 / 21.17 / 123

$5000:33,131,648 → 479 / 71.94 / 407.7

$15100:100,000,000 → 1447 / 211.7 / 1230

Luna V2 Break Even Price ~ $10.43

Luna V2 Break Even Marketcap: 10.43 billion

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While I agree that nee biyers should not get a vote, I disagree that only new buyers want the burn.

In the end it sounds like we all will have 2 LUNA tokens. New and classic.

I say lets burn a tinn of tokens on Classic Luna to get the circulating supply down. Thats what my plan entails. Well a lot more than that lol. There is great value in LUNA Classic & UST if it’s done right. Nee LUNA is just a bonus.

By the way, Pre Attack Luna hodlers are only looking at a 15 % recovery at best according to the calculations I have seen. So we still need LUNA Classic & UST for a chance at a decent recovery

See my plan’s summary that outlines what needs to happen.

Its a living document that will be updated regularly as long as theres hope for the classic chains.

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we need a leader and a dev team can help
implement burn now , what is your ideal ?

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New buyers of LUNA according to the governance documents are suppose to be members of the community - that is not a statement on governance attack, but to point out the process that was outlined.

The one area that was halted though to prevent a governance attack was new staking - there was concern that the blockchain, which uses proof of stake, could be harmed by malicious actors due to the much lower prices of LUNA. This was not done by vote however which is concerning - but since it had an emergency impact on proof of stake, and I think they were thinking that it would be very temporary while they worked to repeg UST (which it has now become more than a short period of time), they made the change.

I did not realize until today, but this has an impact on voting since you need to have staked LUNA to be able to vote (or at least to have it count). I have tried to do a stake delegation myself, and either the fees are really high (like I did not have enough), or this change is still in place. So, if you did not already have staked LUNA (unless they have reversed the temporary change) - then voting would be one area of governance that a person would not able to participate in.

I hope that helps out.


Exactly, I am not angry because of the death spiral. I knew such risk before I made my investment and it would happen according to the white paper. However, disabling staking and voting and fork another chain to compensate others without approval of the current Luna/UST holder is a r*g pull to me, probably also illegal.


I totally agree with you and it is also very important for Terra’s reputation

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Is there anyone that can make a proposal to allow staking and governance again? Maybe that could pass quickly and allow new users to vote? I’m just thinking of any way to not let the fork pass since it’s not what the majority wants. I get the risk of governance attacks but to me this proposal IS a governance attack.


I have attempted to propose a solution, proposal 1385, but it was removed from the main governance page. Although the proposal is a catch-22 [I’m unable to vote on my own proposal.] it still has merit.

IMO: DK should not take to Twitter and encourage people to vote on proposals, without providing a disclaimer that describes new buyers of LUNA are excluded.