Can't access "old" UST on anchor earn terra station (classic net)

I’m using terrastation (in brave browser / not the desktop application or extension) with a hardware wallet and it does not list the UST I had on anchor/terrastation, only my airdropped luna, partly vested.

I’m able to see my UST and “old” Luna on terrafinder, but UST us listed as a token and terrafinder does not give me an option to do anything with my UST or old Luna, only to view them.

Any ideas when I will be able to access my old Luna and UST and when Anchor earn will be visible again?
Also, any recommendations what to do with it once I can access it?

Thank you

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You need to switch the network to Terra classic

yes, this isn’t yet an option on though. just the browser extension and desktop app.

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I already did but that only works on the terra extension, not on the browser.
Also on the extension, I am only able to send it to an adress, but not sure what to do with it; should it stay on the classic net, bridged to mainnet, wait and stake on anchor once/if it’s launched again, or swapped?


You actually need to specify first what you want to do with that.

Please make sure that you are on the classic network in your Terra Station.

What is the roadmap for Anchor? Will it continue to offer 18% APY or will it be decommissioned soon?

You should wait for the details.

On Anchor Twitter.

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