Can't claim airdrop,because i don't have a mnemonic

I imported keplr with my ethereum private key, generated wallet, and bought ust. Now airdrop, I want to claim luna on terra2, what should I do.
I don’t have a mnemonic, just the private key.

Just import wallet to Terra extension.

have UST in Gemini and kept it there during both snapshots , any advise as to where I can transfer these coins to get the airdrop ?

Hey, Gemini didn’t get the airdrop because they only have ethereum-wrapped UST/Luna. Too late to transfer now as the airdrop is complete.

ahh man bummer , as it is messed up what happend to the entire luna/ust project and even disappointing not getting the right information. I guess still a good idea to move the coins out to binance and hope for some airdrop the folks who missed out but was still holding ?

Don’t get it now or forever?

On Gemini? I don’t think ever, their wallet didn’t qualify for the airdrop.

I have a UST wrapped on bsc during the snapshot, will I receive an airdrop in the future? I want to make sure of this

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There is so much confusion around this matter now I realize that if the exchange did not support the airdrop , we will not recieve any Luna which is messed up because the exchange did not inform us neither did Terra. Most of us had UST staked or in an ERC where wormhole deposits are also not accepted by many exchanges. We should figure out those who missed the snapshot but held the coins before and after the crash should still be compensated

That was already mentioned earlier to bridge your assets to Terra wallet.

yeah unfortunately completely missed this part , anyways too late now i guess

Yes too late now.