Change The Name Of Terra Luna Classic V2 With Poll

I think with the way the coin is evolving it would be wise to change the name and drop “Classic”, especially from a marketing point of view, classic infers it’s old and out of date. It also is a name given to the project when Luna 2.0 was created and follows suit of previous out of date coins like Etherium Classic.

Names which I think could add a modern edge and are more relevant could be things as simple as Luna One, or carrying on with the latin theme Luna Civitas, the latin word for community. Or Luna Novus latin for new. Luna Gravitas referring to gravity, weight and importance, Luna Ortus meaning birth, beginnings, rising, Luna Prime main, of first importance. Some other names have been suggested please see the poll below.

I think it would be good to allow the community to submit names and vote, please post any names you think will be popular and a brief explanation of its meaning if any.

There can be only 20 items in the poll, the least votes after a day will be removed from the poll and have the names changed for new suggestions.

Change The Name Of Terra Luna Classic
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Suggested Names
  • Luna One
  • Luna Prime
  • Luna Civitas
  • Luna Novus
  • Luna Gravitas
  • Luna Ortus
  • Luna Infinity Moon
  • Luna Kimera
  • Luna Morphius
  • Luna Sicklon
  • Luna Terrarium
  • Luna Prometeus
  • Luna Ikarus
  • Luna Rebirthium
  • Luna Ananas
  • Luna Stellum
  • Luna Moon Rocket
  • Luna 4Shaw Experience

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‘Classic’ is a reference to out-of-date, old, no longer used systems. LunaOne is fresh and refers to the original Luna system (indirectly) as well.

The only thing needed after this name change (update) is a fresh core with the appropriate circuit breakers installed to prevent supply malfunctions… Third parties will then come and build and attract users leaving our community pool for core dev.

Luna Prime sounds good


Definitely a name change is needed.
I prefer Luna Prime. Amazon, here we come :slightly_smiling_face:

Other suggestions.
Luna Origin
Luna Coin

LunaOne still the best.

I see that among all the options, the one to keep the current name was not included.

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The first poll covers the existing name (change the name yes, no (keep the existing name) or abstain. I can’t edit the poll annoyingly because the post is in slow mode. does anyone know how to change the post from slow mode? I can delete the names with no interest and add the new ones. To be fair the majority seem to be focusing on LunaOne with LunaPrime second.


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LunaX exists and is stader But for this network it would be LuncX :joy:
Changing the name will not cause the network to be considered as new. It will always be considered as classic. Example of this is ETC

Please vote in version 3