Change the Tax from layer 1 to a layer 2 Dapp


Change the Tax from layer 1 to a layer 2 Dapp


Many dapps have issue with the current implementation of the tax this involves either a massive rewrite of the current dapps or for their users to be hit Mutiple times with a tax. This will result in any existing dapps from other eco system avoiding coming on to the chain as they need to factor in updating their code and refining the number of micro transactions done. The idea behind this proposal is that most dapps that are pre-existing can be lifted and dropped into the eco system with very little code changes


The proposal involves completely removing the Layer 1 tax and instead build a Layer 2 dapp that would act a tax collector, this means that it can be used to target the wallet address’s and issue a Tax that needs to be paid or the wallet becomes frozen, the main idea being that we would target dapps building on the eco system, with a very small amount of tax that would then go to the community, roughly once a month or every 4 epochs the reason for this is then the community can decided to burn that months revenue or use it to fund burning projects or for necessary equipment needed to run the block chain, or dapps such as Terra Rebels Lottery, this would then allow for users to be hit once with the Tax, for transactions in bulk instead of loads of small transactions.

There would be ways to avoid the tax

Re-investing into the projects or building new ones.

Burning more than the Tax required, which can be check by the transaction sent to the burn wallet.

Using the AFT I.e., USTC in the dapp.

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I like that - intelligent system instead of continuous grinding, great. :love_letter:

What are some of the downsides of this change? For example, will the exchanges partnering with LUNC be effected, how does this change connect with existing plans of TR roadmap, what is the level of effort involved, etc.?

Exchanges wouldn’t be targeted, for moving LUNC around, or users moving them to the chain,
Dapps would be the only ones being taxed as they are in effect a business and can make profits on user using them or switch to using AFT’s (USTC/USTN) pushing the prices up through utility and making the need to swap LUNC into USTC on a $1 worth of LUNC to 1 USTC burning billions of LUNC. TR road map doesn’t fall into this issue as TR is more focused on Layer 1 than Layer 2 this takes the need for TR to constantly be maintaining the Tax code which at this moment isn’t working well as is turning into a nightmare for existing dapps to come on chain , as they need to factor in re-writing the code to limit the number of micro transactions that happen

I am not in favor of a dapp that blocks my wallet until I pay a fee.
That would only make me not use that dapps or the network itself

That is how the real world works, If you dont pay your taxes you get funds taken from you and the blocking of wallets would happen for a late payment, only dapps would get charged that way users can use the chain without being taxed and dapps can continue to be profitable or we are stuck with a useless tax at that moment that hinders any chances of existing projects that we want on the chain, as they need to factor in the number of micro transactions they perform. Which would involve a huge rewrite of most of the dapps

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taxes were implemented to burn tokens and make the network deflationary and not to enrich dapps. Dapps that can surely take part of the taxes

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