Community Fund Request for validator dashboard

That’s awesome to hear! I’m glad that you have found it to be useful.

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I provided links to back up my posts. I don’t see how that is dishonest nor manipulative.

No you don’t. At least not fully and impartially. You do it selectively, then you spin and frame narratives around half-truths. You always have an agenda to push, whether that’s running defense for the TGF and excusing bad practices by validators, or fighting tooth and nail to secure control over that multisig you and Vegas have been doing jack shit with for 6 months now…

And speaking of which, how is the multisig coming along, @aeuser999? :clown_face:

Because you constantly run defense for whichever group is currently in power. First it was Terra Rebels, now it’s the TGF. Whenever someone rightfully criticizes them you pop up instantly to deflate the critique and offer some half-baked bullshit excuse as to why that shouldn’t be done and we should all roll over while the chain is plundered to death. You’re a shill, plain and simple.

If you were smart or had a spine, you’d demand accountability from the TGF.


Imagine that.
A kettle calling the pot black.

You fight for the perceived underdogs. Same difference.

Look who’s talking about spinning narratives and having an agenda

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What are the specs required to host that site, perhaps we could work something out to host it for you?


And I would suggest you to open a donation wallet (set also a web page with a filling bar with the needed target, etc…) we - as a community - can help you with donations to reach the needed target and we can give you visibility on social platforms. . :slight_smile:

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@echel0n Thank you very much for the offer. Part of the reason why I’m putting this up is to gauge community interest in us continuing this service. If the community is not keen in using the community to fund for it, I have to assume that there is no interest. If so, it’d just be a waste of resources.


Will you be adding more chain data on said dashboard?

I remember SmartStake used to have a much more in-depth chain analysis/dashboard…

I believe such data is important to gauge/analyze/compare etc.