Community Gauged Roadmap Ideas For Post Parity


We ask our L1 team to acknowledge this agora text & take our points into account.

This proposal is to serve as a community gauged roadmap idea list for post parity. It does not by any means serve as an official roadmap nor to dictate any future plans of this blockchain.

parity noun
**The state or condition of being equal. **

There was a clear lack of community sentiment taken into account during Q1, this followed onto the Joint L1 Task Force Q2 Proposal. 3 points had been brought forward…

  1. Accurate polling of community sentiment
  2. Depleting funds from the Oracle pool
  3. Need for L1 upgrades to Terra Classic

This is inadequate in regards to how much money is being paid out. Without our community, this blockchain will fall. Keeping a healthy balance of community sentiment will ensure we are looking after our current holders while spurring new holders into action.

I have gathered what community sentiment I could, it has been produced below with minor explanations on said points.

These are the community gauged roadmap points. This by no means is to be a complete list & should be left open to additions.

We ask the L1 team to acknowledge our requests below.

NOTE 1 - 3 Should be rolled into one package

  1. Classic Station
  • LUNC must own it’s own version of Station. Privatisation will always occur if we do not act our selves
  1. Classic Mobile
  • Having our own functioning Classic Mobile will ensure we are catering for both Desktop & Mobile users. Majority of new hardy investors will arrive via our mobile app.

3.Classic Agora

  • This is not so much a “Need” but a want, this is important but it can tow the line while our “Teams” focus on more important “Needs”.
  1. Classic Finder
  • This falls into the same category “Want”. This is not essential to our blockchains growth.
  1. Classic L2 Team
  • Formation of a honest L2 team is critical to LUNC’s future, handling front of shop is vital. Portraying a professional image at all times. Each member voted in by the community.
  1. Classic Marketing Team
  • LUNC has always suffered from " Self Gain" & " Privatisation ". Having a marketing team that is for the blockchain is key. These members should also be voted in by the community.
  1. Endpoints
  • Currently our endpoints are with TCVITA & ALLNODES. TerraRebels are also aiming to provide these to our blockchain. We should invest the time, money & resources into running these ourselves. I have spoken about decentralising this across the 130 active set, I think this to be a worthwhile venture that will bring a strong layer of security to our ever growing blockchain.
    Allowing privatisation of these Endpoints is silly.
  1. Smart Burn Tax
  • We have spent around a year fumbling around with high taxes across board regardless of the outcome. Currently the blockchain is in a dormant state, we still tax the same. Incorporating a smart system could help alleviate this stress. We should have lower taxes during dormant stages > Higher taxes as the on chain volume increases. I think this to be vital in our journey through the Cosmos, Alliance is going to bring a lot of attention to our substantial Oracle Pool. We must capitalize this into burns. " My argument for burning is simple, CZ Binance believes in it " Then So Should We
  1. On/Off Ramps
  • LUNA utilises a " On-Ramp", this is just a link on station that redirects you to a CEX of choosing. Investing into both ON/OFF for LUNC is a no brainer for any humbled investor.
  1. USTC Repeg
  • Unbiased Case Study on USTC to be performed, this will allow for the community to better understand the realities of the coin, history & possible future outcomes. We can either move ahead with the repeg or choose to follow another route. This independent check should be done.
  1. StableKwons Removal
  • Currently we have a mass of useless tokens on our chain, this contribute towards your staked rewards. Our average joe users are mostly using “Multiple Swap” costing them far more than the worth of these tokens. It’s immoral and wrong. Many invest as little as ÂŁ5. We need to ensure we are providing a fair environment all.
  1. LUNCGuard(Legal Team)
  • This point speaks for itself, this could be aligned with point “10”. Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.
  1. CEX Burn Tax Campaign
  • This could be the perfect task for our hearty future “Marketing Team” to begin chasing, we have a large chess piece on our board known as “Binance” restoring this connection and utilising it as binance has utilised our whitelisting system… Seems only fair.
  • Many in the community are asking about the future of TGF, the L1 team should reach out to Edward Kim to relay some kind of information feed. Funding our current projects can’t come sooner. Many believe TGF should be funding strictly projects. Not people. Influencers. We have a limited revenue stream and choosing our projects carefully is key.
  1. Station/Mobile Maintenance Mode
  • Utilising a simple screen during crashes, chain halts & scheduled maintenance will prevent our community freaking out during any of these events.
  1. Scam Support On Station
  • Many suffer from scams in our community, these come in many forms. A common one is infiltration of your wallet, undelegating everything, moving them off to another wallet. ALLNODES has a counteraction contract that can beat these scams. This should be included on Station. It requires a tutorial video and said contract, this simple tab could save millions of our users in the future.
  1. Unique Smart Contract System
  • Our current system is a wreck, addressing this system will not only benefit current users/projects but draw in new users/projects with our fair and vibrant contract system. The scales are so heavily unbalanced. Building is too darn expensive
  1. NFT Marketplaces Restored On Station
  • Since moving from Terra Classic Station > Station, we have lost our supported NFT marketplaces list. Restoring this will help draw more volume onto the chain while supporting those supporting us.
  1. Station NFT Marketplace
    Last but not least on our list, Station is already the brain of any marketplace launching NFT’s on our chain, all we lack is our own “Endpoint”, to break it down more. We simply create our own on chain Opensea. This would allow for holders to generate a active market on chain. All liquidity would solely go to the chain.

NOTE: This will not become a proposal


It’s called Rebel Station. Already done and paid for. Welcome to history.

Android is there. iOS - probably spend prop.

Put up a spend prop.

No fiddling with this type of tax. We tried the route 5 times now. Changed it 4 times.
Get swaps, get organic engagement. Having actual users would be more important than artifical reduction tax.

No brainer for most users who voted for the L1 proposals. It’s listed as an objective.
Welcome to Governance. Here you find proposals.

Well, if you have quants around to share…

First you want an unbiased look into repeg and then you want to get rid of the stables. Biased.

Already got a proposal for that as well. Go check the community sentiment.

Discussion peaces… Gotta love it.


Only way - STOP illegal USTC distribution.
I hope those people who started it will soon be near to Mr. Kwon.


Really appreciate you sharing this here. I have seen you talk about this on the videos so I am was expecting this to be posted. Saw the live also and I understand your complete idea. I think implementing this entire plan will take time so we have a lot of time currently for exchange of comments on this thread. I will keep it at this for now. Thanks.


That’s the big vision.If this will be a proposal,I will vote yes using my arms and feet together.

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Number 1 on that list needs to be continuing to update and test beyond parity in order to make sure all dependencies are up to date.

Number 2 needs to be to determine the issues, and develop tools to deal with the database size limits (which if we are not careful will hit a limit that is no longer able to export for genesis)

Number 3 needs to be documentation updates, and make sure the proto documents are adequately updated for any custom changes that have been done

Get a life you shill. L1TF and TGF do not OWN the TERRA BLOCKCHAIN.
Go make more videos crying about Bilbo that’s the only thing you know how to do.


Like or dislike Rabbi’s methods of communicating, he’s right on all counts. Directly lobbying to TGF and the L1JTF as if they held any real authority is just flaunting governance. Every single item on this list should be submitted as its own proposal and voted on individually. Neither TGF, nor L1JTF can or should have the ability to implement unauthorized changes out of hand.

There is a worrying trend in this community, where a few community members seek to centralize what is supposed to be a decentralized blockchain, and to introduce trust into trust-less system. More than poor price action, and even the problems that lead to LUNA’s initial crash, the idea that LUNC should emulate TradFi through doxxing, bowing to central authority and white/blacklist mechanisms is the greatest threat to the chain. I sincerely hope we don’t go down that route.


Reposting this because someone really doesn’t want the truth getting out:


Go ahead, flag the post again… it’ll probably lock the thread this time.



Dear Rabbi,

I appreciate your passion for our blockchain and your dedication to improving it, but I want to respectfully suggest that your communication style may sometimes come across as aggressive and polarizing. Instead of seeking to include and collaborate with others, it may unintentionally push them away.

I urge you to consider expressing your thoughts and concerns in a more constructive and polite manner, which will encourage productive dialogue and enable us to work together towards common goals. Additionally, I believe it would be beneficial to acknowledge the valid points that HappyCattyCrypto has raised and work to address them in a collaborative manner.

Thank you for your commitment to our community and I look forward to working together toward a brighter future for our blockchain.


I second that. Rabbi needs to cool down and be collaborative, not destructive.

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I don’t necessarily agree with HCC all of the time but on the general guiding points he is outlining, I do agree with those. I also do believe 100% there are vultures wanting to prey on the remaining carcass of LUNC for their own advantage.

One full year has passed and it’s been nothing but noise and drama. I want to see a coordinated path forward, which this is at least outlining, where growing the actual blockchain of LUNC in-and-of itself is the objective. If you have better ideas to grow LUNC (not some some side chain BS), then 1) get some credibility first with the community/existing L1 and 2) write up your own dang thing.

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Do agree with Rabbi on one front - there is a much deeper problem here and it’s one of distance and communication. There should be some sort of conference, sure this is not the right word, where we can all talk in an organized/adult like behavior and set the “guiding” principles of LUNC going forward. Hopefully, this can happen sooner rather than later.

I strongly believe that the LUNC community will thrive when we learn to handle disagreements constructively. As a global community united by our blockchain, we share the common goal of achieving the best for it. It’s crucial to maintain a friendly atmosphere in Agora, which will foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas. Even if we don’t agree with a particular idea, we should aim to engage in respectful conversations with one another.

However, we must also recognize that the success of LUNC depends on our ability to work together effectively, especially when faced with challenges. Let’s imagine that we are an army engaged in battle, with limited resources and facing an outnumbering enemy. Under these conditions, turning against each other due to differences in how we load our ammo or entrench ourselves would be counterproductive and undermine our efforts to succeed. Instead, let’s work together and find ways to contribute to our LUNC army’s success.

If we want to attract other blockchains to join us, we must demonstrate that we are united and inclusive. We should aim to make them want to be us by showing how we can work together to achieve our common goal. It’s essential to have a positive mindset and consciously program ourselves to adopt it. We must stop fighting among ourselves and foster a culture of inclusivity and open-mindedness that considers other people’s ideas.

Let’s appreciate one another and work towards our common goal. When we approach disagreements with an open mind and respectful attitude, it encourages others to do the same. Remember, fear and greed may drive some people’s actions, but ultimately, love and care are what bring people together and make friends.

We must remember that our investments in LUNC are not just about short-term gains but building something that will last. Let’s continue to work together toward our shared vision of building a thriving and inclusive LUNC community. Thank you for being a part of this community, and I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with all of you.


I am against any kind of centralization and fake news.
Click-bait, lying youtubers such as HappyCattyCrypto and ClassyCrypto are the worst kind of parasites a decentralized chain can have.
If it ever becomes a proposal - My vote is NO WITH VETO for sure.