Complete airdrop?

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can you check if I received my complete airdrop please? thank you

There are too many transactions on this wallet for me to know what you qualified for. What did you hold on May 7 and May 26?

on may 7 i had 63762 aust and on may 26 i had 78106 ust.

that day, I had made a deposit of 10390 ust on anchor but it was early in the morning of May 7 (UTC+11)

So logically, the snapshot was made well after

thanks very much

ok, I can see that you transferred your UST out of this wallet before the second snapshot (taken at block 7790000), so it only qualifies for the pre-attack snapshot. Wherever you sent this UST is the wallet with the other part of airdrop.

Yes for the post attack, I agree. I didn’t know what to do and was afraid that Anchor would close. I sent them to Binance.
My problem is on the pre-attack.
It should have been calculated on 63762 aust and it doesn’t seem to be the case
I don’t understand!

Please do the maths again, it looks like you had 52k aUST, not 63762.

my last deposit before the attack was made on May 7 block n°7540829
so before the snapshot non?

Yes, that’s the 8332 in my calculator

91 + 325 + 437 + 882 + 1784 + 35643 + 4493 + 8332 = 51987 aUST
x 0.01827712143 = 950 LUNA

and 2 LUNC
x 1.034735071 = 2.07 LUNA

=~952 LUNA

667 + 285 = 952 LUNA

I don’t know where you got those numbers.
I have these:
historique transaction anchor.pdf (467.6 KB)

The figures are all the aUST “in” transactions:

UST doesn’t equal aUST, the rate is approximately 1.26.
meaning 1 aUST = 1.26 UST.
so 10000 UST would be 7936,5 aUST.

Ah OK ! here is where my error comes from. I thought an aust was an ust placed on Anchor without calculation.
For me, on May 7, I had put 63700 ust on anchor so about 63700 aust.

This conversion rate is marked somewhere?


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hey, the current conversion rate can be found on


Ahhh yes indeed!!
Thank you very much for this explanation and the time you have devoted to me.