Compromise because they don't have enough money

LFG summarized their used on BTC to prevent the market collapsed but failed. They swap 80K BTC to 1.8B UST and 200M luna.

To make our communicate better than the past.

1.Accept Do kwon’s proposal
2.Add transaction tax to lunaclassic (maybe 0.1% like the fee in Taiwan.) It’s the only way to make luna deflate without money.
3.Fork is the worst thing but the fairest thing they can do without money. Actually I think this fork is a kind of buyback (1:6500) by holding your UST and Luna in your wallet.
4.LFG should reveal their transactions detail address insted of only showing the number.
5.LFG try to compensate the 99% smallest UST holder and that’s why the new revival plan exclude UST pre-attack holder.

Sorry for my bad English.



1.接受Do kwon的提案
2.在現有的Lunaclassic增加交易稅 (像台灣證交稅就是 0.1%) 在沒有足夠錢可以買回Luna燒毀的情況下這是最理想解決通膨的方法。
4.LFG 團隊必須列出他們的交換明細而不是只有列出數字以資證明他們的作為。
5.LFG 在推特上面已經有宣告他們將盡力利用現有的資源補償受到攻擊前UST的持有者,這也是為何他們沒有被列出新LUNA空投的對象的原因。


Don’t be panic selling or you will lose everything again and again.
Have resposibility for your investment(What’s wrong with you if you want 20% APR without any risk?)
LFG show their resposibility for the disaster so I choose to believe them again and I think we can make Terra better.

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When you say wallet, does it have to be a Terra Luna wallet, within the ecosystem? I had my UST on Nexo and then moved it to Binance.


i think $LUNAC would benefit from a tax as well

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Why can’t new $LUNA have a new name.