Could this work for UST? (dUST, rUST)

A little copy pasta, shared on Discord, Telegram and Twitter

Hopefully a stablecoin idea that could help UST



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I’ve shared this concept for discussion on

I’d love some input, questions and suggestions are welcome!

How does the price of dUST get pegged to the depeg’d value of UST though? Wouldn’t Luna also be minted if dUST goes to zero?

The Mint/Burn mechanism, as I understand so far, is disabled so the relationship between LUNA and UST is severed… Neither are minting or burning on their own. Users on Twitter have been burning LUNA on their own despite Do Kwon’s recommendations against “throwing away money”

I figured the price of the “destablecoin” would be reflected through an oracle reflecting the price difference between USD and UST, the way mAssets reflect the price of the real life asset.