Create Multiple Burn Addresses with Different Community Pool Allocations

The fact is not everyone agrees on what percent of burns should be allocated to the community pool. And while we need to come an agreement on how to divy up the on-chain tax… donated burns should be handled separately.

Donors should have the right to choose the amount they want reminted to the community pool. Some may want 60% others may want 0%!

Lets create multiple burns addresses in 10% increments from 0 to 100% allocation to community pool. It would be a shame to lose any donation/burn because the donor disagrees with percentage reminted. This is a simple solution to let the donor choose.



In principal this is a great idea but I feel in practice it is all getting a bit too complicated and as soon as a proposal is put in place a new proposal comes along and changes everything again. The difficulty you have is that a proposal may come along that everyone agrees with and the funds are not there to support this, so it’s wise to build the community pool ready for some of the bigger changes on the horizon. We need to start getting funds together to try and bring back a stable coin of some sort, this was what was unique with Luna.

Maybe this gets a second look now that my worst fears about Binance have come true.