Crisis Manager and Media plan


I’m sure it’s been spoken about, but I couldn’t find anything.

If Terra haven’t already, they need to hire a crisis manager and develop a media plan.

Terra needs to move away from adhoc updates via twitter. Move to daily updates at a certain time. Do Kwon needs to do some interviews.

Being present (or absent) on twitter is fine, but the vacuum that is being filled by Media outlets, socials and fourms and it’s rife with rumors and speculation.

I know it’s hard at the moment, I know there’s no silver bullet, I know everyone in the team must be so tired. But silence shows no leadership, and I refuse to believe that a lack of leadership was a problem in Terra before the attack.

Be human, be empathetic, face the music.


This right here. Otherwise, the narrative is driven by the toxic crypto influencers on Twitter and then picked up by the always reputable crypto media to run wild.

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and keep the best solution is to rebrand with and agressive marketing campaign with Dank ru to shill and the rest of nft influenceur we can sell more luna and ust to refund the victims with help of insurance

So Do can be back on twitter to destroy DAI and MakerDao marketshare and so on , disclaimer i hold Dai