Do Kwon arrested?

This thread is for discussing reports of Do Kwon’s arrest at a Montenegrin airport:

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Yes it seems like he has been arrested. I was waiting for this since it would have happened. And there will be some litigations on TFL. And we will lose some resources we are getting from them (most probably). We will need to prepare for that. We were to separate the resources from them, but well, even if TR is saying they have bought new servers and separated the infrastructure, they are less reliable than TFL. I’d rather believe TFL than them.

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Can this affect the contents of Terra Station?

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Some latest news on this:

More news

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Thanks for the updates.

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More updates:

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Major Update:

Sad news for Luna2 holders, really. Glad i invested into LUNC!

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So did he sh(o)ve it up his…? :smiling_face_with_tear::rofl::rofl:

The things you gotta do to stay outta j(a)il…

kind of looks like an old siemens mobile lol
or like a medical object : either way looks uncomfertable.

Money quote: “Daniel Shin’s assets frozen. The frozen assets are part of a “restitution” request that was accepted in court to compensate victims and not part of a “forfeiture” request that was recently rejected to put the money into the national treasury. [bold and italics added]

The indictment comes a day after the Seoul Southern District Court ruled that Terra Classic — as luna was renamed following its implosion — is not a security, per Korea’s Capital Markets Act.”


This is what they were up to…

But now…

SEC Says Jump Trading Secretly Propped Up Do Kwon’s TerraUSD - Ethereum World News

kanav kariya === jump