Enable IBC transfer of CW20 tokens?

Hello Terra community,

I’d like to gauge community sentiment toward enabling IBC transfers of the CW20 tokens (as far as I know, this is not currently possible, but I could be wrong…)

For example, I may want to vault some MIR on another chain, or trade sANC on Secret, or provide aUST as Liquidity on Osmosis.

I personally don’t think there would be too much work involved in setting this up. I believe only an CW20<>ICS20 contract is required (where tokens can be added) to be written by TFL and that should be it.

I do realize it could thin out markets rather than being consolidated on Astroport. But, it could also invoke a resurgence of interest in these tokens (MIR could really use that). And perhaps ANC being IBC-wide could pave the way for Anchor collateral deposit being done by Interchain accounts.

Please let me know why this could be a good or bad idea.