Enable Terra EUR. NO.22

In the recently USTC burn, No.22 parameter change proposol was mentioned.
Here it is.

This proposal wants to enable TerraEUR, a stablecoin pegged to the Euro, a currency used in most of the countries of the European Union. The activation of TerraEUR could bring many benefits to the blockchain, initiating an entry into the European market.

“subspace”: “oracle”,
“key”: “whitelist”,
“value”: “[{"name":"ukrw","tobin_tax":"0.003500000000000000"},{"name":"usdr","tobin_tax":"0.003500000000000000"},{"name":"uusd","tobin_tax":"0.003500000000000000"},{"name":"umnt","tobin_tax":"0.020000000000000000"},{"name":"ueur","tobin_tax":"0.003500000000000000"}]”


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