Everyone deserves the same

Some people bought BTC at $50k, some bought it at $32k. They all deserve the same. It’s not fair to say that people who bought at $50k deserves more than people who bought at $32k.


10% are not enough

But btc’s supply does not or did not increased like how Lunas supply did.

Most people who bought at 1$ or more, at that price point the supply was I guess like 5/10 B tokens.

So if they want to distribute then distribute according to how much circulations Was at that point, not force people to compete against the people who is buying at the circulations of 6.5T tokens!

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yes, but the people who lost all their money are all gamblers, as nobody applied a SL to their trade. If you don’t put a SL you deserve to loose 100% of your capital, this is valid for every trade you are doing. As much as I feel sorry for the people that lost their live savings, they are the ones to blame. No SL means, you are a gambler and only you are the one to blame, period! Who got a refund when BTC crashed down 90% from 20k to 3k? If you fail to put in your SL, you deserve the loss and shouldn’t be rescued!

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People who bought during 8Th to 12Th May are suffering the most.

Your proposal seems to cover that.

My idea was distribute according to the circulations.

Like who bought and held on 8TH May when the supply was at 450M he should get according to that, and whoever is buying now should get according to current circulations!

That’s fair for everyone.

How could people us competing against 6.5T because I bought after his 11TH May tweets where he said to stay strong, and he posted there’s a recovery plan.

I bought at 1.77$ the circulation Was probably 5B, and now I fall into the category of 6.5T tokens!

That’s not fair

People should get back according to the circulations they got their tokens.

That way everyone is equal!!

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