Expose Tax Exemption (Whitelisting) Proposal Types in Terra Station

Hi TFL team,

The voted proposal which enabled whitelisting of Binance wallets created two additional governance parameters proposal types which allow managing wallet whitelisting (and soon contracts as per 11516).

Could you please expose the two new proposal types (AddBurnTaxExemptionAddressProposal / RemoveBurnTaxExemptionAddressProposal) in the Terra Station Governance section when time permits.

Thank you in advance.


I think you’d have a better chance of getting the Terra Rebels to expose these parameters on the Dashboard of Rebel Station.
Rebel Station is all I use these days as it is significantly more functional than Terra Station.

It is not a matter of either/or.

Both TR and TFL provide governance capabilities for the LUNA Classic chain. So would be nice for both to add this feature on their L2 platforms.

Btw, I did already reach out to TR and TFL on their new forums regarding this request and raised it here as well in case it’s considered by TFL as the official endpoint for Classic matters when it comes down to TS.