Final thoughts


Pretty sure the fork will pass.

Still, for what it’s worth, voted No purely because of how DK, builders and validators think the community is a joke and all their voices should be ignored, as evident from my observations these past few days.

Even if some of you here may think that “the loudest may not always be right”, a voice is a voice n concerns should at least be addressed first.

I mean, think about how we ended up here in the first place?

Had there been better communication, more empathy, damage control and also a willingness to sit down, listen and explain, do you guys think this shitstorm of epic proportion would have happened?

There is no smoke without fire - Things were rushed out too fast with almost zero consideration and communication with the community immediately after the collaspe. Not to mention all the misleading statements by DK on twitter - Very disorganised and shows no mark of being a capable leader under pressure.

Until I am proven wrong tru actions, I am of the opinion whatever fork that comes out of this will never be genuinely supported by the community, but rather just tainted with greed and personal agendas(don’t get me started as well on HOW FAST validators voted Yes on his proposal WHICH WAS PINNED UP JUST AS FAST when the idea was first published).

Obviously I will never be part of something like this.

Crypto is currently in the stone age, so I’m sure there will be better as things progress. Terra is definitely not the be all end all.

All the best to those who truly care n are willing to stay. Hope yall can turn things around.

Peace out.