Finder BUG, after merge

There is finder bug that occured after merge. Please check photo and solve, i am really not sure what it will cause while tax is active btw.

hey, you can report it as an issue to GitHub - terra-money/station.
even better if you can fix it and make a pull request for it.

@alagiz i am not that skilled programmer as simcheolhwan and i hope he will look at the code and check for another bugs as well. Means when he will fixinf these maybe he will find another problems that i can not see.

fair enough, it looks like a minor bug, but still will be helpful if you can report it as an issue on the github repo.

UPDATE: @alagiz please delete my topic BURN TAX NOT WORKING, i will update problem here.
Bug caused that finder doesn´t show tax at all. BUT server burns 1,2 % tax, checked by myself.

alright. you should check individual tx fee if you want to see burned amount - one part of the fee is the 1.2% burn tax, second part goes to the community pool for staking rewards

Yes, i know, but finder should print tax not just fees. Not sure the fees sumazire tax and fees. But 5 days ago i requested check for bugs and anything happened.

here is the pull request that was supposed to implement burn tax for classic in finder - you can add a comment there Feature/recover tax rate final by sbjohansen · Pull Request #244 · terra-money/finder · GitHub.
or create an issue describing the problem.