General-Framework for Terra-Oracle

Hello, Terra Community!
A new version of terra-oracle is out!
The outdated version of Terra-oracle only supported Coinone exchange. However, as LUNA is listed on several more exchanges we have rebuilt the oracle from the ground up to support those exchanges.

There are many more changes and improvements. The most important thing being the oracle’s ability to support multiple sources (which fetch a price of pair periodically) and the ability to set configurations by a separate config file to manage multiple currency pairs and sources effectively.

The Luna price is designed to be calculated by a validator designated ‘weight’ of each exchange. This means that each validator should set the weight carefully according to the reliability of each source. This feature will be more effective as Luna is listed on more exchanges.

Soft limit and hard limits have been temporarily removed. However, it will be implemented very soon.

You can find the source code and detailed description about Terra-Oracle in the link below. Looking forward to updating it with more features, and we welcome any feedback.

Thank you.


hi there, just wanted to ask if you are interested in more oracle integrations? (dont know if im right here in the dev channel). i work for the decentraliced tellor oracle and we already finished the poly integration and actually working on algo now. definately interested to add a terra variant

Heya! you definitely should do this - will add it to the official documentation if you do.