Got error creating validator node on bombay-12

Hi All !! Got this error and mynode is running smoothly but i can’t create the validator.

raw_log: ‘insufficient fees; got: “”, required: “95107uaud,86953ucad,62655uchf,443079ucny,433540udkk,58300ueur,49934ugbp,532430uhkd,983359850uidr,5067579uinr,7521886ujpy,80024801ukrw,2382uluna,191561311umnt,597985unok,3428227uphp,48250usdr,597985usek,92846usgd,2270173uthb,68565uusd”
= “95107uaud,86953ucad,62655uchf,443079ucny,433540udkk,58300ueur,49934ugbp,532430uhkd,983359850uidr,5067579uinr,7521886ujpy,80024801ukrw,2382uluna,191561311umnt,597985unok,3428227uphp,48250usdr,597985usek,92846usgd,2270173uthb,68565uusd”(gas)
+""(stability): insufficient fee’
timestamp: “”
tx: null
txhash: 93A7AC1A72E2703701C5877E83D169EFDABBFB348F757B3FE90C75F60282C6BB

Any help aprecciate, is on bombay-12 (testnet)

II’ve executed the terrad tx stacking create-validator from my validator wallet (i’ve send LUNA from faucet and received)

Thanks for your help.

I’ve solved !!! IT was about incorrect gas prices.

how did you resolve it?

It was about the gas prices, giving more gas to the execute order command.

terrad tx staking create-validator --pubkey=$(terrad tendermint show-validator) --amount 1000000000uluna --from validatest --commission-rate 0.05 --commission-max-rate 0.05 --commission-max-change-rate 0 --min-self-delegation 1 --moniker montest2 --gas-prices 1.5uluna --gas-adjustment 1.4 --chain-id bombay-12 --keyring-backend os

terrad tx oracle set-feeder terra1lrjzntzpxlqrzh878eaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt --from=validatest --gas-prices 1.5uluna --gas-adjustment 1.4 --chain-id bombay-12 --keyring-backend os

May it would help you.

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Does it work on lunac for staking with new wallet?