Guys you all need to chill we are about to see something beautiful

ponder on this… snapshot is approaching, both luna and ust run up. ust runs harder because more will be airdropped to ust holders. it repegs. the funds are then used to buy and burn luna. tada. its actually simple. maybe the fork is chess game to get it on track. maybe there will be a fork and we will be double blessed. cheer up. the best is yet to come.


You got to this before me. This is what I wrote but I still had an hour to wait before I could post again:

Do Kwon, please tell us that reimbursement to current UST holders at time of new launch is a ruse to raise the price of UST closer to peg. Then, when the proposal fails, you’ll need to burn much less to get UST back to peg or you can choose some other route to make whole all the pre-depeg UST holders.

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What is true is that most of TFL’s assets are in UST, so creating selling pressure on ust is benefiting everyone

However, I don’t see a clear interest from the market to invest on this, maybe it will come if the vote pass

Also, we still have 11b ust on the market, that’s a lot of money required to move the price

Sir, this is a casino, behind a Bonchon Chicken dumpster.


But how much demand is there to jump into a new project with a con artist? I think the bump will be small due to our dear leader’s many failures.