HCC LUNC burn army perpetual monthly stake and burn NFT project

Hi all looking for some help :smile:

Is any of you smart chaps still in contact with J of HCC or is he still present on the agora?

I’m loving his new stake and burn initiative and have tried reaching out with questions and a couple of suggestions.

If anyone could help pass this on it would be great.

Will 20% of rewards be staked to allow exponential growth?

Who will receive the delegations? I understand helping his node but if this gets really big it could cause problems.

There are quite a few investors who I’ve spoken to who are more casual. They don’t want or even understand NFTs and hooking a wallet up etc etc is a bit of a process that will scare them off.
Is there a way the wallet address could be made public so people can decide to

Send to standard burn wallet 1 and done.

Send to the LUNC NFT wallet to help boost the perpetual burns. Without a 50k buy in, NFT, hooking up a wallet or anything. Just sending their monthly burns there to help increase the burns at an even faster rate?

As Ive said I’ve tried asking but spam on YouTube drowns the comments etc and I’m not sure if HCC is active on the agora.

Cheers all. I think this could be big as it requires no new coins or real upkeep and will burn irrespective of price etc etc and it might even come to the point one day where the staked coins (also out of circulation) will need to be burned off if the project gets too big lol.