Hello. Correct me if im wrong please

Hello. Im new in here and im curious about what is going to happen

Correct me if im wrong please.

Lets say i have 1.000.000 luna right now in binance. When the fork executed ;

I got 1.000.000 Luna Classic.
0.0xxx something Luna v2
In my binance account with airdrop.

(Im interested with luna classic much more btw. When the fork happens minting luna classic is no more. And total supply is 6.9t it is never gonna be change right ? )

Is it how it gonna work ? Or am i soo soo wrong ? Can anyone explain that for me please. Thx.

$luna in ur wallet gets it name changed to $LUNC

the luna in ur wallet IS CLASSIC LUNA now

the new network will launch $LUNA(2)

they will airdrop your tokens into ur wallet

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