Help needed governance funding!

Hey guys.

I deposited 58,52 lunas on proposal 69.

It didn´t even get to the voting phase, do to lack of funding.

didn´t get my lunas back… after the 14 days…

Anyone can help?

That’s how its supposed to work. The deposit is not returned if the proposal doesn’t enter voting phase.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, big fan of your work sir!

I went and checked the docs on terra station before i did the deposit.
As far as I can see, this isn’t mentioned anywhere.

The docs specify:
“If the minimum deposit is not met within 14 days, the proposal automatically gets rejected.”

And it says the deposit will only be taken under the following conditions:
“, if a proposal is rejected based on ‘No with Veto’ votes, the protocol will burn the Luna deposited.”

Regardless of my particular situation I feel this should be communicated more clearly as I deposited quite a big portion of my precious LUNAs and felt cheated when I didn’t get them back. I’m a huge fan of the LUNA ecosystem and have been trying to get more actively involved in governance!

You deposited 58 Luna? Or 5.8k Luna?

58 Luna sir!


Would love to know you´re opinion on this matter.
Nothing more valuable than lunas and being active on Governance.
Happy to help re-write this glitch!

Thank you for youre time and attention!
Felt great to have you replying to this problem!!!

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I propose you make a pull request against the documentation if you see incongruities. GitHub - terra-project/docs: Terra Documentation