Here is proof that huobi stole LUNA

May 25 they say that in block 7790000 they will capture an indicative hour, but they say that the capture will be done in block 7790000

May 26
After the migration and upgrade, Huobi Global will take a snapshot of the LUNA and USTC positions on the original Terra in user accounts when the block height reaches 7,790,000 (’‘expected’’ at 20:00 (UTC) on May 26, 2022) time they say expected, they do not say they will do it at 8:00 p.m. they say they will do it to block 7790000

May 29 this is the best… they no longer talk about the block… they say they took the snapshot at 20:00, this is already a clear idea of ​​not paying, because the currency only reached block 7790000 fell 50% because we all sold it…
block 7790000 arrived at 18:30:08 on May 26

this is a clear example of manipulation, now we have to know if they did it to keep our moons, why would they have given them to them, in this case it would be a robbery and scam, please help people please, it’s not just me

Nothing, shit doesn’t matter here, luna users anyway, the future of this currency is already visible, up to the creators