Hi, new dapp

I’m not a programmer, but I have an idea for an application that would be popular among terra users…
Can we create dapp like: https://zillionaires.io ?? It is dapp from blockchain zilliqa) it is The first ever completely random lottery on the Zilliqa blockchain.
It will be popular among terra users)


Hi Arthur,

Have you heard of Loterra? ( https://twitter.com/LoTerra_LOTA ).

This dApp will be released on the Terra Blockchain

I heard, but so very small chance to win. And the app won’t be popular

If you create a lottery like Zilliqa lotery this it will be popular. People want a chance to win and that it be decentralized!!!

In LOTERRA i not chance to win!!!there is a small chance of victory

Yes, I’m going to try to build something like that using Anchor Protocol.
User deposit UST (1 UST = 1 ticket), in the background you convert UST to aUST) and the weekly price will be the yield generated through Anchor. so if players lose, they will get back their money :wink: it would be kind of a “free” lottery. Fun way as well to promote Anchor Protocol


That, my friend, sounds like an absolutely genius idea!

Are you a smart contract dev by any means? I‘m almost done with the frontend for this and I own terra-lottery.com
I signed up for a hackathon in may with my idea in search for a SC dev. Hit me up, if you like to team up. I finished the metrics and product design and am ready to go as soon as I find someone who can write the contracts for it.

Not I’m not - you should contact https://twitter.com/loterra_lota or join https://discord.gg/cKTAEppy to find someone to help you :+1:

That sounds brilliant. Do you also plan to allocate the 10% yeild to a pool similar to that of PoolTogether so that even if you sell only one ticket for a given lottery, the participant can win the lottery from the yeild generated by the pool money.

Love that you brought up the PoolTogether example. The mechanism behind it is super cool, and there is a lot of room to explore the front-end experience for people. I’d love to see this as an entry point for people who are either confused or turned off by “crypto speak.”

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Sounds awesome :ok_hand: