How anyone help me get my Luna back?

Made a deposit from my Terra Station wallet to my Kucoin wallet, and forgot to enter in the non-essential MEMO.

As usual, the frauds at Kucoin won’t give me my LUNA back on the basis that no memo was provided (which is total BS).

Amount: 234,846.040019 Luna

TX: 916E69A90C7A071D4E9797B7BBD1E259F92BF9B877B9216D9A5598761D8D3ED4

Can anyone help a pre-crash sufferer out?

Already down $250k and my only hope is for a bounce in $LUNA.

If new Luna token is out, there would be “no bouncing “

Hey, you mean you contacted Kucoin and they said they won’t return your LUNA?
Previously they had an option to return LUNA sent without memo for a fee.

PS. I moved your topic to Support category @John_Harris

Correct. I contracted Kucoin support twice.

They said I would have to pay USD $50 for them to process the transaction.

That can’t be right?

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ah, no, that’s unfortunately correct, they used to charge this amount before all these recent events.
binance charges $5 for the same procedure, by the way.
so, no way around it, they have your LUNA in their wallet and they can dictate the rules, we can’t influence them in any way.

Hello all,

I bought luna tokens last month and use them in a Liquidity pool on the Polaris Dapp In the Aurora Network. I unstake the token and now I have atluna token, but there seems not to be way to move my tokens out of the Aurora Network. Neither RainbowBridge or Near protocol would allow me to move it.

Will I be eligible to the new token airDrop, having atLuna token in the Aurora network? or the tokens should be on the Terra network to apply. If so, is there a way to move the tokens.

any help would be appreciated

Yes, I made a mistake and sent to the LUNA token address (0x593AE1d34c8BD7587C11D539E4F42BFf242c82Af). Is there anyway I can get this back? I feel dumb for doing it but I realized my copy to clipboard didn’t work.

TX: 0x9f6ab37b912dc0a650d31625a769866e0190d24a91edb8aed94f653caf40c3a5

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hey, it is not clear at this point yet, could you create a separate topic in Support section for that?

hey, unfortunately transactions are not reversible