How can this be called a Community-Owned Network?

I was a huge supporter of Terra, the project, the idea, a community driven decentralized future.

But, its not though is it. Its deeply corrupt, being controlled by a few people and a few organizations, packaging it up in a community wrapper.

The attack was preventable. The aftermath was unbelievable. The governance proposal benefited not the community but the people who wanted to make money from this disaster, the proposal was changed mid vote, and now there are reports coming out of votes being in the pockets of the people like Do Kwon who have control over this. Now before a forum guard closes this down, these are not conspiracy theories, other votes which were taken buy exchanges where the votes were verified, had a 98% agreement to burn luna rather than the fork.

With the amount I’ve read, the level of corruption, underhand money grabbing and behind the scenes manipulation of what the powerful want over what the community deserves is shameful, I wouldnt be surprised to hear of @FatMan being found after an accident, then deciding to delete all his posts and live on a mountain, it is that level of shady shade.

I had hoped that the major exchanges had done a vote as to veto Luna V2 or not.
This wouldnt give the people that invested in UST or LUNA their money back, but it might stop people like Do Kwon making any more. When a token that doesnt do anything isnt traded, it loses its value. I dont think V2 should be given the option to be worth anything, as I feel it only benefits people like Do Kwon, and not the community.

Focusing on a very long term plan to fix what is broken would have made more sense, but that would not have given people like Do Kwon quick cash.

Read up on all this at

P.S I hope they dont get you :smiley:


There will be documentaries or movies about this soon just like the wolf of wall street

I appreciate some of what you’re saying. The lack of comms in particular coming from Terra have been awful. But also, I would be cautious about so easily placing your faith in others too. You already believe things are extremely shady, rightly, or wrongly.

Now, cast that same intellect towards FatManTerra. He’s playing the tune you want to hear, so it isn’t easy at first. But it might not take you long to consider things differently if you take pause. There is information on these very forums you might want to dig out.

As for the network being community owned? I’ve seen some of the things you’ve mentioned too. And I’m constantly scratching my chin. Do Kwon has a very big challenge ahead of him to gain peoples trust again. It should start right here.


Fiatman was shilling for fiat. Has 0 credibility. Allow me help:

I actually agree with everything you said, until the last sentence

I’ve read FatMans proposal, I dont 100% agree with all his ideas or all his views, but you are right when someone says what you want to hear you usually listen.

Do Kwon, hes not listening to what i believe that majority of the community actually want. He has his view and his goals, and that’s where we are. I dont know if hes actually done anything to gain my trust, if anything his tweets mislead lots of people, then silence until he had put together a proposal that doesn’t benefit a lot of people. If actually seen a lot of people say the same thing about trust, that he needs to gain peoples trust again, but he dealt with a system that was tided to peoples life savings, losing trust should not have been an option.

If Do Kwon was in charge of a bank and left the back door open, which cost everyone to lose all their money. Would you then say, trust him, hes opening a new bank. Trust starts here.

Na, id ask for a new bank CEO, a new way of voting proposals as it seems currently like a board of directors that is in favour of the new bank as it will give them new income as the CEO has aways made sure his people are in the seats making money.
I’d try to fix what was broken, not try to sell something else.


someone must answer for the fact that thousands of people from all over the world were left without money. someone has to answer for dozens of post-bankruptcy suicides…

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I agree and that someone is the billionaire attackers themselves and all the major exchangs, OTC, and Twitter that KYCed the attackers and allowed them to violate their terms of service anyway to attack.

After so many efforts have been claimed to save Luna, I still have not seen a single piece of black-and-white official proof of what’s claimed to have been done.

Reserves? Show it. Prove it. Talk is cheap.


Is it possible to make a proposal to remove Do Kwon from his position as CEO?

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