How did you find Terra Luna?

How did you find Terra Luna?

Hi, guys! Following this tweet, we notice that a lot of people from our community found Luna via informational/ educational ways like Youtube videos, Twitter, blog articles, podcasts, Reddit etc.

In this post I want to speak about the importance of content marketing or referral traffic from major crypto/defi websites, which will bring organic users into terra blockchain!

We need more educational/ info/ crypto news and articles about Terra ecosystem to bring more people into our ecosystem. Terra bounties is doing great, but we need to take this a step further!

We need more referral traffic from crypto news website, DEFI website and major crypto exchanges and others! I’ve done a research on most of the DEFI websites, and there is no informative articles about Terra, Terra UST, or other terra projects. The content is missing or very little.

Most of the big DEFI websites like defiprime(where it’s UST?), dappradar(where it’s Terra?), defipulse(where it’s Terra?) don’t include Terra ecosystem on their websites!

We need to fix this in some way with TFL help or via our community!

We need blog articles on all the major crypto news, crypto exchanges, CoinMarketcap and Coingeko website alternatives.

If someone has any idea how we can post some informative articles/ blog posts on these websites, please let me know! We need to push as much content as possible about Terra!

These are only a part of the websites where Terra doesn’t have any coverage!

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Thank you!