How does borrowing work (net APR)

Out of curiosity, I was looking at Terra Station in the CLASSIC network. I have never borrowed/lent crypto. I am pretty confident my UST and LUNAC are gone (i.e. have close to 0 value) but, out of curiosity, can anybody help me understand what does the interface below mean? What’s the 2,183.52 %? What does it mean the “when the net APR is a positive number, ANC rewards distributed to borrowers are greater than the interest to be paid for the loan?”. I mean, do you earn for borrowing?

Yes, you got $ANC rewards when you borrowed, so when the APR was net positive, the rewards were higher than the interest you had to pay.


Thanks for you answer. Is (was) this sustainable? I mean, what’s the idea behind rewarding? Where does the reward come from?