I did not airdrop

I did not receive any airdrops.
I bought 20000 dollars on May 11th, but I didn’t get the airdrop because it was a small wallet.
Airdrops are not accepted for small amounts.
Is this an airdrop for the rich?
I lost my lifetime savings, but it’s unfair to be excluded from the airdrop because it’s a small wallet, and I will inform all media outlets.

My address is terra1jqvvjftyccug4hmmdmh2c9m85ucxkpkdz4xl30


I didn’t get an airdrop either. I transfer my luna from metamask by terra bridge and send them to terra wallet but nothing happend please check and tell me the resualt.
my wallet add:terra1yemkm80rghrwyksce4j7gzuafra6vezs5lkwzv
i buy 3 or 4times luna on my metamask
my meta add:0xC85E6B3029f77aC221c32a012e09468d7811f850

I didn’t receive the airdrop either.

My address is terra1j2rg96ytewghzqgu6guvc0gn3uyl26rhj9m77e

Please send me some New LUNA and let me know this is useful.

I got 0.35 for my $1000 loss, thanks his LUNA distribution logic

If you didn’t airdrop I’d consider this a good thing since I’d imagine it’d be quite painful.