I explain the most equitable LUNA distribution system!

  • Do not distribute new LUNA to anyone in the first stage.

  • 30% (300m LUNA) to open to the stock market

  • Wait for 70% to be distributed (until the new LUNA reaches a high price)

  • Upon application, all accounts will be examined in order and distribution will be provided manually, with the profit to be obtained over time and with the new LUNA.

  • The real victims must be identified. It should be clearly posted on the website

  • Let the old LUNA and UST be burned for the application. (so people with billions of LUNAs won’t apply for new LUNA)

  • Let the old LUNA and UST remain as they were and apply the taxation and burn policy. In this way, it will continue on its way as a stable coin.

Quite simple and fair, I think it can be improved…

I’m not in favor of the new luna, but if it’s going to be done, it should at least be fair in this way. Nobody supported :frowning: