Idea on project future

just my idea. how to save Terra and its communities:

  • fork the chain like Lunav2
  • allow exchange Luna for Lunav2 in rate that can be agreed on later (this way no one is excluded from snapshots, or when money is on cexes and not in wallets)
  • make luna v2 a token used for paying gas fees which automatically creates an use case, can have a governance function like luna as well to increase it
  • do not involve UST this time (the value will be building on chain as any other L1)

terra is a very robust and nice platform of developing. lots of good projects and community. this way they can be saved and a value in luna will grow over time. This way the inflation-ust problems are omitted at least for luna. In the meantime the ust can be rescued as a separate project… at least this is my view. if I dont know something about economy then sorry