**IMPORTANT** Vote your stake to override your delegated Validator

For those who have staked, if you disagree with how the Validator you delegated to has voted or your Validator has not voted you MUST vote to override the Validator.

If you do not vote your staked voting power will default to the voting position, or lack thereof, of your delegated Validator.


At this point i was hoping it would be clear to everyone that what we think doesnt matter. Do’s plans will go forward with or without community backing.


Then fck the community, if he says all.
Terra team can build whatever the f they want for a community that will not exist, under such dictatorship and ignorance attitude. Bought their coins, and being treated like shit.


Way to go. We must go above and beyond to veto the fork proposal.


They can just fork without a vote, my theory is the vote is just so they can take any remaing funds and move them to their “new coin” while claiming it was “community” decided… Even though the validators are blocking any new staking that would over ride their vote

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I think you mean you tried to become millionaire overnight but it didn’t worked out too well…

I am an investor. I look for opportunities. Nothing wrong with that.
If you think starting new chain, and have majority of your coins locked by someone like him for few years, meanwhile a similar incident may happen to Lunav2, and you think it’s a risk you willing to take. Then that’s totally fine. You do it your way. I only wish you the best of luck.


post this in proposals too

Users can also still REDELEGATE. So I both voted and redelegated to validators I agree with to give them a little incentive as small as my stake is.

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Two of the validators with the most voting power (Orion.Money - 8.92% and SmartStake - 3.95%) voted abstain. Does that mean the people who staked and delegated to them can now vote for any option they want?

Anyone can vote anything, and override their validator vote, even if your validator said yes you can go and ignore their vote to say no.

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OK. I wasn’t sure if that was still how it worked if the validator voted “abstain”. It’s incredible the largest and third largest validators voted “abstain” and left the decision up to the people who delegated to them and the second largest account voted “no with veto”.

I’m just scratching my head on the Validators voting abstain.

could be a moral / ethical dilemma or not wanting to be involved. Especially since the people they represent can vote how they want to individually. I wonder if the validators have been in touch with each other while deciding how to vote